Creative play is the child's work.

This play is how children come to understand the world and is vital for a child's emotional, intellectual, and imaginative development. At Merry Garden we have created a warm and nurturing environment designed to develop body and mind. Our aim is to inspire in your child a lasting appreciation for the natural world through engagement with nature, the seasons, and the elements; an environment beautiful and ordered. Having a group of two to five year olds playing and 'working' side by side each day fosters cooperative relationships and increases social skills and problem solving abilities.

Each day there is a different group dynamic.

Whether in quiet moments or rigorous play, Merry Garden provides opportunities and materials that engage a child's person and intellect. The world they create through their play expands to include the needs and interests of all children present. By avoiding commercial toys which have a predefined meaning or purpose, play at Merry Garden nourishes the development of language skills as children verbally create a common understanding of objects used as toys during the course of their day. An outdoor environment is as credible a classroom as an indoor one. Our play garden supports increased manual dexterity, physical coordination, tactile sensitivity and depth perception while offering a stage upon which the child's natural curiosity, inventiveness, and resourcefulness may be explored.

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